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25th IAMC Entry Form

IAMC-Gold-ShadeOn-time entry deadline: April 30, 2016

On-time entry fee: USD $65.00 -- Late entry fee: USD $70.00

Click Here For Complete Rules & Entry Instructions

* - Denotes Required Information

  • Entry Identification

  • Please assign a unique identifier to each of your entries (e.g. ABCPub-2014-001).

  • Note: For a complete list of entry divisions and categories, please click here.
    For additional details regarding the divisions and categories, please click here.

  • Please select the most appropriate division for your entry.
  • # = Individual article/segment/installment or series/column entry.

  • Please select the most appropriate category for your entry.

  • Entry Details

  • (Editor/Designer/Etc.)
  • Entity for which the entry was created.
  • Please provide a headshot photo of the entry creator(s).
    Accepted file types: jpg.
  • Please provide a "splash" shot (opening spread, cover, etc) showing your entry.
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png.
  • Please provide a digital copy of your full entry. Note: For large audio or video files, please transmit via SendSpace, YouSendIt or similar. For book or total issue entries, upload a copy of the cover shot here, and submit two physical hard-copies with your entry package.
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png.
  • For series/column/blog entries requiring three installments, please upload the additional installments here.
    Drop files here or
  • Series/Column Name, Section Title, Page Numbers, Etc.
  • Entry Creator Contact Information *

  • Entry Submitted By: (If other than entry creator)

  • Payment - USD$65 Per Entry

    Check - Enclose Check With Entry/Entries. (Payable to The Deadline Factory)
    Credit Card - Pay Here, Enclose Copy Of Receipt With Entry/Entries.

    Note: Payment for multiple entries can be made on a single check/credit card transaction. Entries submitted without payment will not be accepted or returned.

    To complete your entry, you must click on the "Submit" button below. The payment form is separate from the entry form.

  • After submitting this form, a filled-out copy will be e-mailed to you for printing and attachment to the hard-copy of your entry.


Charges will appear on your statement as

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